An open letter to those who have stumbled across this blog while searching for something else,

You arrived here in search of something. Perhaps through MSN Search or Yahoo. Most likely, through Google. You typed in a couple keywords and prayed for accurate results. Unfortunately for you, a words post appeared in the findings. You clicked through and discovered the meaning of the word disappointment.

Maybe you were hoping to learn more about acid rain or the infamous burrito bomber. Perhaps you were looking for the Spanish word for floor. Or you were in search of lunch meeting interview advice, the BH-23 jackhammer, Cheetos, the alligator loose in Los Angeles or songs by English writers. Maybe you were looking for a definition for pyromaniacal or for pictures of the NASA Winnebago, Lance Armstrong, or his lesser-known, evil twin Lanch Armstrong.

Whether you were doing serious research, cheating on a Spanish test or misspelling the name of the world's most famous modern cyclist, you were probably not hoping to end up here. Sorry about that, but nobody asked me to run Google. [They did ask me to run MSN, but I refused. One man can only do so much.]


*The linked words above have all been used as search terms leading searchers to this blog and the corresponding posts. Except in the case of MSN Search. MSN takes people to the blog's main page, which is even more useless than taking them to the post that generated the search terms. If you're going to unintentionally waste time while searching for something, you should at least be able to read the page that matched your search terms. Way to go, Mr. Gates.

4 Responses to “searching”

  1. # Anonymous pleasedtoseeyouanonymous

    MSN's loss is our gain.  

  2. # Blogger anaglyph

    At least you get interesting miss-searches. Mine are all DULL. Well, except for 'sex with cow' which was kinda disturbing...  

  3. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Anaglyph: I get a lot of people looking for 3D porn. This is entirely your fault.  

  4. # Blogger anaglyph

    Anne Arkham: Well I'll take responsibility for the 3D part of the equation...  

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