At the beginning of this year, I told myself that I was going to get my act together and post more regularly again.

Apparently, I wasn't very convincing.

I'm dealing with so much at work right now that I wish my head would just explode and get it over with. I've got at least five times as much work on my 'to do' list as I can possibly handle, and I've been too busy to update the list for the last ten days. I was in the bathroom the other day and found myself wondering if I could grind the urinal cake into a sharp enough edge as to slit my wrists with it.

So if there's anyone still coming around here, thanks for stopping by. Posting will pick back up eventually, but I have no idea when. In the meantime, check stuff out on flickr. I'm still up and running there, as photos are a little more cathartic for me right now. In fact, I just finished posting the set from an excursion to an abandoned factory. Check it out.


Dear Client,

When I write four paragraphs of copy for the two bullet points you provide, it's not "just a regurgitation" of the email you sent. It's four paragraphs of brilliance.

Imagining the sheer joy of maiming you with a tape dispenser,

thoughts I had in the bathroom today

1. Dang. It smells like a country orchard in here.
2. Ah. I see.
3. I guess the country orchard's not so bad.
4. [Headline idea].
5. Dang. That's some good headline.
6. I wonder if I'm the only writer who comes up with their ideas on the can.
7. I should eat more fiber.

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