"The kid is a stud. Jeremy calls 'Action' and he just sprints into the wall like a champ."

"He's a little professional. Big things in store for this kid."

"Yeah. Maybe he'll luck out and stay tiny forever. Make some money as the next Gary Coleman."


"Yeah, man. That's way over the line."

"My contact fell out. Is there a CVS or something around here where I can get some contact solution?"

"Yeah. Just head up 35, but stay on the access road. There's a CVS on the right."

"Thanks, man."

"I gotta warn you, it's sort of ghetto. Not a great part of town."

"Yeah- they only sell contact solution in the 40 oz. bottle."


Joe and Jim are back from China. They didn't check the blog while they were there.

Experiment failed.

Thanks for nothing, chumps.

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