I feel funny today. Sort of like my brain fell asleep but forgot to tell anyone that it was going to be taking a nap.

fight night

Unimpressive UFC Fighter Nicknames

Joey "Glazed Honey Ham" Buttafuco
Mike "The Forgetful Gentleman" Graham
Bill "The Considerate Bastard" Jones
Vinnie "Asparagus Neck" Folla
"Teary-eyed" Will Maxson
Mike "Fists of Apathy" Lundy


I'm bummed. I lost my notebook. And I had ideas in it. Quite a few of them. Possibly a good one. But now it's lost. I miss it. And my ideas, too.

Look, I'm flattered that you prefer my writing to that other guy's. But really, I don't want the extra work. Please just leave me alone. I've got enough going on as it is.


Prison popsicle flavors:

Crime of Passion Fruit
B & E Kiwi
Involuntary Cherry
Mango in the First Degree
Strawberry Shank
Statutory Grape

The Charlotte International Airport has free wifi.

But the problem with free internet access when you're not expecting it is that you never know quite what to do with it. It's like walking into a restaurant and being offered anything on the menu for free. But you have to place your order in the next ten seconds.

I think I'll have the grilled cheese.

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