The Charlotte International Airport has free wifi.

But the problem with free internet access when you're not expecting it is that you never know quite what to do with it. It's like walking into a restaurant and being offered anything on the menu for free. But you have to place your order in the next ten seconds.

I think I'll have the grilled cheese.

3 Responses to “complimentary”

  1. # Anonymous bekah

    Anytime I'm offered something for free I kinda freak out, so my instinct is to say "everything."

    Yes, I'd like it all, if it's free, thank you.  

  2. # Blogger Chickie

    I'm the opposite, I'll take the smallest thing on the menu because I don't want to look greedy. But I'd really like it all.  

  3. # Blogger s. wells

    free wifi in an airport?? what will they think of next.  

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