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Mascots and Mascot Names That Never Made It

Six-gun Steve
The Tame Cats
The Maulin' Moles
The Screamin' Sheep
Mad Dog Melvin
The Fightin' Finches
The Dirty Hippies
The Tramplin' Trout
The Heinous Hamsters
The Clumsy Bastards
The Friendly, Well-Meaning Sons of B*tches
The Gossipy Housewives
Eduardo The Egg-Eating Simpleton
The Cheese Whores
The Arrogant Intellectuals

4 Responses to “alma matters”

  1. # Blogger Aimee

    the maulin' moles...i almost choked on my burrito  

  2. # Anonymous james

    the cheese whores has sentimental value for me, but the well-meaning bastards is my favorite... good to see that you're back.  

  3. # Blogger r.fuel

    I thought you'd like that.  

  4. # Blogger stephanie

    I like this one:

    The Friendly, Well-Meaning Sons of B*tches  

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