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I realized the other day that I need some work on my fathering technique.

Last night, the guys and I were lighting fireworks and tossing them into the pool. It was fun. And probably the best possible place for a two-year-old. So I brought her over to join us.

At least it was educational. Ethne learned a valuable lesson in fire-ology and explosion studies. I also like to think that she learned a proper disregard for eye protection.

Nothing like celebrating the country's independence like recklessly endangering your children. Right?

3 Responses to “independence”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    nice to see you back  

  2. # Anonymous omg

    Well, when she becomes a pyromaniac you can take full credit for making her the woman she has become. ;-)

    And yes, nice to see you back.  

  3. # Blogger stephanie

    Oooh. A post about children and fireworks.  

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