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The Transformers we never knew.

While popular myth may have forgotten them, there was once a third faction of extraterrestrial robots that roamed the earth. Active aggressors to neither the Autobots nor the Decepticons, the Amigotrons were the shared foil of both armies.

Unlike their robotic brethren, the Amigotrons attack while in their disguised forms.

Comidobot - This robot transforms into a burrito, launching his attack from within.
Migratron - This transformer is unique in that he can shift into a number of disguises. Though he has many as yet unknown forms, he has been known to utilize the shapes of many farm and garden tools, often sneaking in under the radar and stealing jobs from other honest, hardworking robots.
Carroto - This shape shifter takes the form of a coat hanger. He is known for his uncanny ability to break into a parked car in moments. He is sometimes caught while attempting (mostly unsuccessfully) to steal the car's stereo. Occasionally, he teams up with a mystery bot (never identified) and the pair steal the car, take it over the border to Mexico, and sell it for parts.

There are many more Amigotrons, but most who are living in this country remain undocumented.

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