I'm bummed. I lost my notebook. And I had ideas in it. Quite a few of them. Possibly a good one. But now it's lost. I miss it. And my ideas, too.

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  1. # Blogger stephanie

    This reminds me of being in the photo lab in college. Someone had posted an elaborate plea for the return of his portfolio. It was on a big piece of paper, taped over the wall above the reception desk. The poor guy had four years worth of work in this portfolio and he'd left it in the dark room. And now it was gone. He used the word "please" a lot. I think about that sometimes and wonder if he ever found it. Sometimes I look at Post Secret and expect to see a postcard that goes: I took your portfolio book.

    I hope you get your notebook back.  

  2. # Blogger rob

    Thanks, Stephanie. Fortunately, Aimee found it. She's a real sweet lady.  

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