thoughts I had in the bathroom today

1. Dang. It smells like a country orchard in here.
2. Ah. I see.
3. I guess the country orchard's not so bad.
4. [Headline idea].
5. Dang. That's some good headline.
6. I wonder if I'm the only writer who comes up with their ideas on the can.
7. I should eat more fiber.

5 Responses to “brainstorming”

  1. # Blogger s. wells

    the porcelain god rewards with good thoughts those who give up their time and energy in worship to it.  

  2. # Anonymous stephanie

    The people around my agency have their best ideas during their four hour lunches. ;)  

  3. # Blogger r.fuel

    swells - Ha! Nice.

    stephanie - I wish I could take a four-hour lunch.  

  4. # Blogger Jake

    You are not the only writer who comes up with his ideas on the can. I personally make it a goal to eat five to six bran muffins a day  

  5. # Blogger

    Oh, but if you use the word "concepting" instead of lunch, and happen to leave at the time of lunch, then you can.  

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