I had a dream the other night. My brothers and I formed a vigilante justice gang.

It started with a road trip. Somewhere in the middle of Texas, we stopped for the night. Or maybe for a couple days. I wasn't paying much attention at first. I had walked out of the hotel to get something from the car when I saw a dude chainsaw another dude through the chest. Once the killer finished introducing himself to the other guy's spleen, he spotted me. And, as chainsaw murderers are wont to do, he came over to say hi and, I imagine, collect my spleen for the little tea party he'd started. Not exactly thrilled about dying, I took out my trust soldering iron (which I guess I always carry in my pocket when on a road trip with my bros) and stabbed him in the chest. I was pretty happy about the whole thing until I realized that the soldering iron was still hot (I guess from building microprocessors in the car?) that the killer's wound was immediately cauterized. It must have still hurt like the dickens, though, 'cause he sprinted off into the woods.

Then came the part where we formed the vigilante justice gang. We hunted that fool down. In the process, we also collected a sweet arsenal of more traditional weapons (I couldn't find another soldering iron), ate some delicious burgers, went swimming, and set the entire town ablaze. And there may or may not have been some collateral damage. I'm pretty sure that those school kids were just sleeping.

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  1. # Anonymous james Feuille

    I had that same dream!!!! YES!!!  

  2. # Blogger s. wells

    i had a dream a few nights ago that i was being chased by zombies and my dream ended with me defeating the head zombie- who was huge, slimy and nearly indestructible. in the end, i killed him by thrusting a sword/coat hanger type thing into his heart and pulling it out. it was very graphic, especially for a girl dreamer.
    this was all after i had watched michael jackson's thriller music video for the first time.  

  3. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Rob, I'm down.

    S.wells - I think the more horrifying part of your story is that you actually watched a Michael Jackson music video... Not so much the gruesome zombie thing.  

  4. # Blogger r.fuel

    swells- dream translation: you're an ass-kicking badass. You know... at heart.  

  5. # Anonymous omg

    Hahah. The soldering iron is excellent. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the freaky dreams.  

  6. # Blogger stephanie-austin.com

    Texas Chainsaw Masacre: Part 17

    I smell a screenplay.

    Did I spell masacre right? Oh well. It doesn't matter.  

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