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oh, six

a year in review

A lot happened. Here's a recap.

• Shot my fifth wedding and sixth weddings on consecutive weekends. Started to think about taking on less business.
• Got paid for the weddings. Started thinking about taking on more business.
• Went through my oatmeal phase. And changed my life forever.
• Went to the barber. Got a mohawk. My wife didn't look me in the face again until I lost it.
• Wrote some scripts that got me noticed by the creative directors in Austin, who took me out there to pitch a new account.

• Worked in our Austin office for a couple weeks. Took a lot of pictures. Missed my flight home.
• Threw my little girl's first birthday party. Pancakes. Pajamas. Pure insanity.
• Ran over a cat. Realized I had a taste for it.

• Wrestled with the morality of advertising.
• Got a raise.
• Stopped wrestling.
• Celebrated the one year anniversary of this blog, a thing that has caused me both unequivocable joy and pain.

• Discovered the plight of the Mexican Zebra.
• Adopted Poncho as my own.
• Felt like punching a client in the face. Not for the first time, but with the most intense anger.
• Went back to Austin for another pitch. Won the business this time.

• Sold the first car I'd ever bought new. Cried for a week.
• In a move that either madness or genius, I bought a truck off the internet, not seeing it in person until my little brother drove it home from Austin.
• Shot my first out-of-town wedding in Denver, Colorado. Nearly maimed and murdered several representatives of Frontier Airlines in a rage-inspired killing spree.

• Participated in a memorial skydive for D Day paratroopers. Learned more about D Day than any book could teach.
• Went to Vegas. Remained unimpressed.

• Nothing significant. Nothing I remember, anyway.

• Went to California on vacation. Inadvertently taught my daughter the phrase "animal sex".
• Drove across town in the middle of national disaster-level flooding because, hey, it's not so bad.
• Got so busy at work that I looked up the symptoms of a brain hemorrhage.
• Drove Jim back to Austin for the new semester. Ended up staying for two weeks. Working.

• Went to Florida for work. Probably would have like it more had I slept more than an hour a night. My only memory: Miami is slutty.

• Went back to Florida for a cruise with my wife's family. As my father-in-law reads this, I'll just say that it was culturally educational, mind-blowingly fun, fantastically relaxing, remarkably frustration and the most amazing experience of my life. Aside from the day I married his daughter, of course.

• Found out that my lungs had been harboring pneumonia for at least two months and that, as a matter of fact, not being able to breathe is a sign of something bad.

• Was asked by the creative director in Austin to head things up on our side of the work for a major creative pitch. Ruled the team with an iron fist and a basket of muffins. Mine was an administration of unchecked power and confusion.

Happy New Year, everybody. Thanks for hanging out.

12 Responses to “oh, six”

  1. # Blogger omg

    Nicely done. Miami bashing? Hey! I lived in the Miami area for three years. And yes, parts of it are rather slutty.

    Off to find the entry in which you hopefully describe the circumstances surrounding the "animal sex" slip-up.  

  2. # Blogger r.fuel

    I, um, never wrote about that here. At the time, it seemed too tragic.  

  3. # Anonymous bekah

    I didn't write a year-in-review because 10 out of 12 of my months would've have all read like your July.

    Happy New Year.  

  4. # Blogger s. wells

    you inspire me.

    the end.  

  5. # Blogger Chickie

    So, uh, what the heck were you doing to get the impression that Miami was slutty while only sleeping for an hour a night?

    Happy New Year!  

  6. # Blogger r.fuel

    We were shooting a yacht for collateral materials. The art director in charge was... how you say in English?.. finicky.  

  7. # Anonymous bekah

    OMG. I just noticed the Transformers preview you've got linked on your sidebar. That looks AWESOME.  

  8. # Blogger r.fuel

    Doesn't it? That sidebar is a treasure trove of tasty internet goodness.  

  9. # Anonymous stephanie

    Darn it. I hate it when my lungs harbor pneumonia.  

  10. # Blogger r.fuel

    Me too. Stupid lungs.  

  11. # Blogger Pink Lemonade Diva

    just catching up w/ your words. Congrats on the great year - i knew you were busy, but good to hear that it was with great success.  

  12. # Blogger r.fuel

    Thanks, PLD. Good to see you 'round these parts.  

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