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Rachelle is walking down the office hallway towards the front door.
"You heading home?"
"Nice. Live the dream."
"You know... Five o'clock."
"Everybody wants to leave right at five, but most don't get to."
"It made perfect sense in my head."

Quips you have to explain are the best.

4 Responses to “misunderstood”

  1. # Anonymous bekah

    All the really funny people have to explain their jokes, right? I maen, where's the fun in something that people get right away and can laugh at? That's taking away from valuable conversation time if they're just like, "Ha, ha!" and move on with life.  

  2. # Blogger r.fuel

    The jokes you have to explain are the really intelligent ones. Right?  

  3. # Blogger s. wells

    i'm sorry, can you explain that again?  

  4. # Blogger r.fuel


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