are working again, thanks to this almost-as-cool new template. That is all for today. If you're itching for something funny, check out Steve's retirement party. Also, you might try some Preparation H. Works every time.

3 Responses to “comments”

  1. # Blogger s. wells

    nice layout! it's a shame that you switched to beta against your will..but i hope you like, i like it- that is, when i use firefox to post.  

  2. # Anonymous bekah

    Accidentally switching to beta is yet ANOTHER sign that Blogger hates you and wants you to move over to WordPress.  

  3. # Blogger r.fuel

    Swells, blogger beta isn't so bad. I was going to switch eventually, but I had a feeling that I would need to do some work on the template. I like it so far. The pathetic thing is that I was holding on to that old template because of that sweet disappearing comments thing next to the title of every post.

    bekah, you may be right. But at this point, I'm not sure if I'm going to switch anymore. I know that I won't be switching to a wordpress-run blog on a personal domain. I spend enough time on this without worrying about hosting and all that. If I can't live with blogger beta, I'll switch to the free Wordpress service at The big thing is that I've got all these blogger-hosted images on this blog that will translate to the big red x if I import to anything else.  

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