I thought it started in the teenage years.

Now, obviously Ethne doesn't have the syntax and grammar stuff quite worked out. But she came into the kitchen last night just before her bed time and noticed Aimee enjoying a wrap. Ethne noticed the gusto with which Aimee was consuming the wrap, and decided that she wanted a taste, too. So she pointed to the food and asked, "Mommy? Eat?" Aimee denied the request on the grounds that Ethne had just brushed her teeth. Only momentarily deterred, Ethne decided to make her request a little stronger, more of a statement than a question. She pointed again. "Mommy. Eat me."

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  1. # Anonymous bekah


  2. # Anonymous omg

    Too funny...  

  3. # Anonymous Chickie

    Watch out, she'll be piercing her nose in the bathroom soon.  

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