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Introducing an insurrection in the world of shaving:

The new Gillette SUPERNOVA.
Experience the fury of a thousand suns on your face through the power of 53 laser-milled blades. Fewer strokes means less irritation; now you can shave your entire head in one short stroke. Makes short work of your stubble, eyebrows and nose!

Also try new SUPERNOVA Power. A 49cc four-stroke engine in the handle generates micropulses that gently tease your follicles to the surface for swift, vigilante justice!

Plus, realize the added value of this multipurpose tool. Yard getting out of control? Fire up your SUPERNOVA Power and trim those hedges or mow the lawn! Burglar breaking into your home? Use the side-to-side motion to cut him off at the knees! Or neck! (Motion not recommended for use while shaving.)

WARNING: the Gillette SUPERNOVA is illegal in 43 states. Keep out of reach of children. Use at your own risk. In using the Gillette SUPERNOVA, you indemnify Gillette Inc. from any responsibility legal or otherwise and accept all risks and responsibilities associated with use, including, but not limited to, scrapes, cuts, razor burn, irritation, bodily injury, profuse bleeding, scarring and horrific death.

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