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From beach to boardroom, Pantshorts® are pants... and shorts! Wake up in the morning and pull on some Pantshorts®! All the formality of pants, but just zip them off at the knees and you've got the uninhibited freedom that only shorts can offer!

Pantshorts® are perfect for those days when you just don’t know where life will take you. Will it be the Bahamas or the snowy mountain peaks of Belgium? With Pantshorts®, a parka, some suntan lotion and a stack of international currency, you’re ready for anything!

Just listen to what our customers have to say:

“With Pantshorts®, I can walk out the door confident in my personal versatility. I can wear shorts knowing that if a light breeze picks up, I can combat the elements with pants!”

“I love Pantshorts® because I love shorts! And pants!”

“There’s nothing better than walking out of the bank, tearing off my tie, unzipping my Pantshorts® and just going crazy! And my coworkers have no idea that I’m not really that boring old stiff they eat lunch with in the break room! Thanks, Pantshorts®!”

“I like to unzip my Pantshorts® and just leave the pants part around my ankles!”

Pantshorts® are also perfect for clandestine operations! Afraid that you might have blown your cover? Just unzip your Pantshorts® and you’ve got an instant disguise! You’re free to slip away unrecognized and leave your enemies scratching their heads in confusion!

So if you're ready to enjoy all the formality of pants combined with the freedom that only shorts can offer, pick up your pair of Pantshorts® today!

Pantshorts®! Always down.

5 Responses to “versatility”

  1. # Anonymous Jake Christie

    Oh my God.

    How do I put this? I, uh... I wish I could quit you.

    But I just can't.  

  2. # Anonymous r.fuel

    That bad, huh?  

  3. # Anonymous bekah

    I want to know how often the bottom part of the Pantshorts are lost when they're turned into shorts shorts.  

  4. # Anonymous Jake Christie

    Bad? What I meant was, this is amazing and I love you. I just didn't want your wife to get jealous.  

  5. # Anonymous r.fuel

    I was going to say that we should run away together, but I think that maybe we should take things slow.  

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