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Dear Diary,

I talked to the press today. I'm not sure if they believe me. But everything I said was the truth. I mean, why would I have any reason to be depressed? I make boatloads of cash for running around and playing ball. Who cares if all my former teammates, coaches, trainers and elementary school teachers hate me? That's just because I'm so talented. And I live alone because I want to. I could have any girl I wanted, any time. You can't tie me down. Yeah, I've been plagued by injury, but I'll heal up just fine. And that thing with that guy who came up to me on the street and spit in my face while his daughter pointed at me and cried? That didn't bother me at all. I'm as happy as can be.*

Love and kisses,

* Please click the link. The joke is so much better if you click the link. Click the link. Please click it. I'm so lonely.

4 Responses to “truth”

  1. # Anonymous Chickie

    I'm so glad this fool isn't on my fantasy football team.  

  2. # Anonymous bekah

    Dear T.O.,

    Normally I'd let you write whatever you want on me, and I wouldn't mind. Normally, I'd allow you to continue patting yourself on the back, but now? Now I'm done with this. Let me set you straight: You don't get paid to run around playing football - that's what you're supposed to be doing, but this season you seem to be getting paid for riding on your little stationary bike. God, you're such a CHILD. Everyone hates you, Terrell, and that's because you're a child in a grown up's body. You need to wake up and realize that the press doesn't care, the people don't care, the Dallas Cowboys sure as shit don't care because you've hardly even practiced with them let alone done anything deserving any praise. I'm tired of hearing you whine abour your injuries and problems. We ALL have our problems, yours are not bigger than anyone else's. I know you've had some injuries, waaah waaah someone called the waaaaaaaambulance. You're a pathetic loaf who gets off on getting media attention. You're a spotlight hog and an an attention whore and I refuse to sit here and let you go on and on about it any longer. You can find a new diary, because I quit.

    Suck my binder,

  3. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Oh, snap.

    You should post that on your blog so everyone can read it. Not sharing that with the world is just selfish.

    Suck my binder... Ha!  

  4. # Anonymous Chickie

    I am sooo glad that I checked back and got to read the Diary entry! Good one, Bekah!  

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