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The agency made me go to Florida. I woke up at 4 am last Wednesday to make my flight to Ft. Lauderdale and didn't sleep any later than that for the duration of the trip. I tried to post a warning, but blogger was having issues on Tuesday. And I didn't have internet access during the trip. Writing resumes tomorrow.

5 Responses to “absence”

  1. # Anonymous bekah

    Looks like it was just miserable in Florida. I'm so sorry you had to go to such a God-foresaken place for work. How awful. Maybe next time they'll send you some place nicer.  

  2. # Anonymous bekah

    Why didn't my comment from earlier show up!?  

  3. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Because blogger hates me today. Recently. Recently and today.  

  4. # Anonymous bekah

    Blogger is so sucktastic. WHEN, for the love of God, are you moving over to something else?  

  5. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Maybe today. I'm hesitant to make the switch because changes are pending that will deal with my issues. It's not cool, but I'm willing to put up with occassional server downtime and slow commenting because the service is free and I get unlimited bandwidth. It's the flood of comment spam that drives me crazy.  

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