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Baby sharks eat each other. And I'm fine with it.

Mourners are taking revenge on stingrays following the death of Steve Irwin. And although these heroes sacrifice life and limb to crush the stringray revolution, the ghost of Steve Irwin will still hunt them down and slaughter them.

Referee counts ballboy goal. I give the ref thirty-six hours to live.

Ugly goldfish gets surgery. But still struggles with self-esteem.

Fish kills a spear-fisherman. Retaliation for the stingrays. And the giant spear in its back.

Alligator star of Bond film to be stuffed. Along with every member of the cast after the ghost of Steve Irwin hunts them down and slaughters them.

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  1. # Anonymous bekah

    All I can think when I read the baby shark story is, "Dear God, forty embryos? That mom shark is GLAD they eat each other. AND THEN SHE STILL HAS TWO."

    Does that mean twice the morning sickness?  

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