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hold up

Still in Austin. The bosses are keeping me here until the 1st of September. Watch things develop on flickr.

4 Responses to “hold up”

  1. # Anonymous Chickie

    You're in an Element! I love those things.  

  2. # Anonymous Jacques

    Dude. Sweet pics, as always. I see my sister in the most unlikely places. I know one day I'll turn on the TV and she'll just be on the screen. Doing what, I have no idea, but I'll be like, "Hey, that's my sister!"  

  3. # Anonymous Chris

    How about an image for BedJump.com while you're in Austin? Still a couple days left ;-)

    Take care,

    BedJump.com (in your "ticker" blogroll)  

  4. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Jacques- Thanks, buddy.

    Chris- Unfortunately for my BedJump.com goals, I'm not staying in a hotel. Fortunately for my fun quotient, I'm staying with my little brother. I'm definitely keeping BedJump in mind for my upcoming travels, though.  

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