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It’s raining again. Somebody forgot that El Paso is the desert. An arid region. We aren’t supposed to canoe to work. I don’t have a window in my cube, but I can see out of one of the media buyer’s windows. Sort of. It’s not so much cloudy as it is wet. Wet like my face is hideous to look at. Vomitously wet. Visibility is about ten feet.

The best part is that, for the first time in six weeks, I’m not so busy that I have to work ‘til seven. I could go home on time. If the freeway wasn’t closed because of the flooding. Super.

In other news, we closed on our house on Monday. Never before have I been more terrified of paper. Last night, a stack of documents showed up in that dream I have where the earth is cheese and I’m the king. And let’s just say that they were not there to bring me chicken strips and Mega M&M’s.

Lastly, I’m pretty much ready to move words over to the new domain. I just can’t make myself move on with the final push.

Blogger Pros
It’s free.
It’s got unlimited Bandwidth (this is good because my blog won’t crash if, by some ridiculous fluke, I write something really funny and a bunch of people show up).
Most of the blogs I like (and most of the ones that like me) are on Blogger.
You’re here now.
It’s free. For a long time.
New stuff (including templates) coming soon.

Blogger Cons
Huge target for comment spam.
To use this rockin’ template, I can’t use the word verification spam killer. And comment spam sucks.
I was too late to get the address I wanted. And the person who did can’t even spell ‘tired’. Or ‘damn’. And there name is Chase Gorman. Damn you, Chase Gorman.
Scheduled downtime that’s always scheduled for my moments of creativity.
Won't let me use the poll I tried to insert at the end of this post.

WordPress Pros
Spam control without having to moderate every single comment.
I’d finally have a domain with the word ‘words’ in it.
Multiple pages.
All the features that Blogger is testing right now.

WordPress Cons
Moving to a new domain.
I can’t get my images to import from Blogger.
Limited bandwidth. This is probably fine as I will most likely never attract very many readers.
WordPress is free but you have to pay for hosting and bandwidth.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

5 Responses to “confusion”

  1. # Anonymous Doc

    I don't think it will be a problem for me either way. I think once i have the new web address in my bookmarks I probably won't be ablt to tell the difference. It is a matter of your spam control I guess (don't see why so many people are so worked up about a little can of processed meat).  

  2. # Anonymous JoeFuel

    My heart goes out to you. However, I would blame the spam control issue on the template and not blogger. Sorry pal. Maybe we can find a template you like that will work with spam control...  

  3. # Anonymous r.fuel

    I know it's the template. That's what I said. But the template wouldn't be a problem if comment spammers didn't troll Blogger blogs like senior citizens in search of arthritis medication.  

  4. # Anonymous Chickie

    I fear change so my vote is to stay here. But I will follow the Zebra.  

  5. # Anonymous Bekah

    Make the move; Blogger blows chunks.  

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