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Dear Thank You,

You're a great phrase and all, but you show up by yourself on the last slide of one more PowerPoint presentation and, by God, I swear to Bazooka Joe that I will punch you right in your flamingo-loving Y.

Respectfully Yours,

7 Responses to “open letter”

  1. # Anonymous Bekah

    Dear rob,

    If you're so hung up on hating politeness, maybe it's time you meet my friends, Fuck You and Screw You. They got my back, rob, so why don't you just go ahead and kiss my flamingo-loving Y?

    All the best,
    Thank You  

  2. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Though it may not be clear, I love politeness. Me and politeness are homies. We got each other's backs. This one time, me and politeness had to throw down on some terrorists. And there was nothing polite about it.

    But, Thank You, putting you at the end of a PowerPoint presentation is kind of like Stephen Hawking. It's lame. You might as well just write "The End" or "Please Validate My Efforts and My Existence By Applauding Now".  

  3. # Anonymous Fuzzball

    Right on, rob. I'm all for "It's Finally Over, Run For Your Lives"  

  4. # Anonymous Bekah

    "Please Validate My Efforts and My Existence By Applauding Now"

    Just the thought of someone putting this at the end of a PowerPoint presentation made my day better.  

  5. # Anonymous r.fuel


  6. # Anonymous Bekah

    So I guess you have internet connection in your condo? Or are you home now?  

  7. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Coffee shop in the harbor. Home tomorrow night.  

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