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[I tried to post this yesterday, but had some problems with blogger. Then I forgot because I was busy being patriotic and getting smammered.]

Dear Continental Congress,

You dudes are awesome. Were awesome. You have to be the manliest dudes to have ever worn powdered wigs. I mean, they're not much to look at now, but back then, Britain was pretty fierce. And even though all you had was no shoes and a bunch of Indian costumes, you told them to shove it. And you were crazy enough to pull it off. Thanks.


2 Responses to “four”

  1. # Anonymous inspiredanonymous

    you inspired me to read the Declaration of Independence again

    tell me why they took the time and went to the trouble of writing it all down  

  2. # Anonymous Jake

    Finally "smammered" is moving into the mainstream, where it belongs.

    And America is pretty sweet too.  

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