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Dear Diary,

I’ve been too depressed to write. I hate failure. I hate water. I hate wrinkly hands. I hate everything.

I’m so sad.

Also, I hate that Criss Angel guy. Mindfreak. More like Mindfart. Jerk.


David “Magic” Blaine

3 Responses to “entry”

  1. # Anonymous Doc

    Way over my head...  

  2. # Anonymous JoeFuel


    You need to listen to me carefully. SHUT UP! Nobody cares about you and your little pity-party. I told you that stunt was a bad idea. I told you that you shouldn't do it. So, don't come crying to me now that your sorry sissy a** couldn't live without oxygen.

    Seriously, dude. Shut up.

    Your Diary.

    P.S. - That "hugs and kisses" crap has to go.  

  3. # Anonymous r.fuel


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