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Dear Really Good News,

I’ve been waiting for you. I wasn’t sure if you were coming, but I’ve been waiting just the same. I’m so happy you decided to drop in. I just wish that I could share you with some people. But I can’t. Because you’re private Good News. Yes, it’s nice to share you with the people from work, but I want to spread you around like peanut butter with everyone I know. Why? Because you’re such Good News. Good enough that the boss called for margaritas this afternoon. Good enough that he drank, like, six. Or maybe just three, but still. I mean, it’s not every day that Really Good News comes along to inform you that you helped beat out one of the biggest agencies in the world for a piece of millions of dollars in work. So please, don’t be upset that I’m not as excited you thought I’d be. My excitement is just slightly dampened because I can’t share you with absolutely everybody. Trust me, I’m happy. You make me very, very happy. So thank you. Thank you very much.


p.s. Take it easy on the ‘ritas, buddy. You’re not quite so pretty with your shirt untucked and that drool running down the front.

4 Responses to “open letter”

  1. # Anonymous s. wells

    i've left on this comment a link to my new blog.
    feel privileged, not many people know the address yet.  

  2. # Anonymous slaphappyanonymous

    Congratulations! I am quite happy for you! Frankly, that very impressive. (And I laughed quite a bit over the "six marg..." line.)  

  3. # Anonymous Chickie

    Cool beans! Congratulations!  

  4. # Anonymous r,fuel

    Thanks, guys.  

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