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How to Run a Photoblog

1. Begin by assuming a self-important air. This is essential. Without arrogance, you might accidentally realize that you’re just like everybody else with a digital camera. This realization could become a major obstacle to your personal motto as a photoblogger: everyone else’s photos suck. Hard. Even Ansel Adams.

2. Choose a blogging method. Some people pay for domain name registration, site hosting and blogging software. Others use one of many free services. Decide what’s right for you. Keep in mind that few readers will follow your blog if you’re constantly switching from domain to domain. Pick something you can live with for a while. Since your photos are better than everyone else’s, you’ll probably want to choose a service that allows you to have a completely unique domain name. You don’t want your photos to be associated in any way with those of the talentless plebeians.

3. Practice writing poems. It may be a photoblog, but your art demands something more. Like unrelated words strung together in nonsensical sentence fragments. If you don’t write poetry and don’t want to, steal some song lyrics.

4. Practice focusing on even the smallest details in order to tell your story. Clerk accidentally forgot to scan your coupon? Take a picture of one of the painted stripes in the parking lot. Mailman dropped the letter from your mail order Russian bride in a puddle? Take a picture of the reflection of your crying face. Dog peed on your lawn? Take a picture of a solitary blade of grass.

5. Take lots of pictures of walls. Brick, plaster, decaying plaster over brick… You get the idea.

6. Get on flickr and search for photos similar to ones you’ve taken. Then leave a comment pointing back to that photo on your photoblog so that everyone can see how much better than them you are. Those crazy hippies over on flickr love that.

7. Take lots of pictures of crazy hippies.

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  1. # Anonymous Doc

    Or you could just take lessons from thesoulofsire and only write something once every year or so...  

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