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tag lines

Hooked on Phonics. Because illiteracy is for losers.

Pepsi. In the end, it's just cola.

Beverly Hills. We're better than you.

Illegal Immigration. The backbone of America's cheap produce.

Movies. Because literacy is for losers.

Old Spice. Smell like an old man. But kind of good.

Ford. We invented the assembly line so Toyota could perfect it.

Apathy. What's the difference?

Metamucil. You know why.

Alcohol. Because livers are for losers.

Photoshop. Because you're unattractive.

College. Because boiling French fry oil burns the ever-loving crap out of your face.

4 Responses to “tag lines”

  1. # Anonymous ouchanonymous

    Harley Davidson. Where your brains meet the road.  

  2. # Anonymous bekah

    Thongs. Because your ass needs flossed.  

  3. # Anonymous crudewatcheranonymous

    bekah: crude ... quite funny, but crude  

  4. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Anonymity: great for calling people out.  

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