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Helpful Tips For Selling Your Car

1. Find someone who's interested in buying a car like yours.  Convince them that your car is perfect for them.  It may be hard to believe, but people looking to find a more efficient vehicle might not consider a dump truck and you may need to educate them as to your dump truck's fuel-sipping attributes.
Also, without an interested party, you are not likely to be able to hand over those keys to anyone in exchange for cash.  Some vehicles may not garner as much interest as others, especially if your asking price is too high.  Trying to sell a Ferrari for $500?  This could be a challenge.  Email me for a tutorial more suited to your specific needs.

2. Once you find an interested party, they'll have questions about the vehicle.  They'll probably want to know what year it was manufactured.  Lie to them.  When they find out that the car is not a 2004, but a 2003, they will most likely be very pleasantly surprised.  Everyone knows that an older vehicle is more seasoned, full of sage advice and the wisdom that can only come with experience.

3.  An interested party might also ask you questions about the vehicle's mileage.  The same rules apply here as apply to the year of manufacture.  Lie.  Take the vehicle's actual mileage and divide by two.  The results: more pleasant surprise.  Buyers look for one thing in a used car: seasoning.  Lots of it.

4.  Now that you've convinced an interested party that your vehicle is perfect for them and they've been roped in by all the vehicle's seasoning, it's time to close the deal.  Determine the vehicle's value.  Like many Americans, you probably still owe money for your two or three-year old car or truck.  Like many Americans, you might owe more than the car or truck is worth.  In that case, instead of quoting a price, tell the potential buyer that they can just take over your payments.  Everyone's a winner.  You avoid paying too much and they avoid down payments and the hassle of loan procurement.  Your generosity will not go unnoticed.

5.  Once you've sold the car, change your name, disconnect your phone and move. It's better this way.

6 Responses to “process”

  1. # Anonymous Doc

    Buyer's remorse?  

  2. # Anonymous r.fuel

    You have to buy something to have buyer's remorse.  

  3. # Anonymous seeker

    I've been looking for a Remorse for some time. I keeping hearing of buyers who get them, but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Got any tips on finding one?  

  4. # Anonymous r.fuel

    I hear that remorse comes from the soul. Maybe you need one of those.  

  5. # Anonymous Bekah

    Souls are for sale with that old apartment.... where'd you put that ad?  

  6. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Here's the ad you're talking about. If they're out of 'em, you could always check Congress. A little more pricey, but always available.  

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