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A few months ago, a gas company in Texas asked us for some ads that would make it clear to people how much money they could save by using natural gas in their homes for heating and cooking. As part of the campaign, I wrote some TV spots. One of them stirred up a little controversy1.

In the spot, some money is accidentally run through a paper shredder2. And because of a little bit of money cutting, the folks over at the corporate office are a little shy about airing it. They say that it encourages the irresponsible and dangerous use of an office tool. It's stupid. I mean, you send one little puppy3 through a paper shredder and everybody flips out. What's the big deal?

1Our client was told by the people in the corporate office that he could go ahead and run the spots. If he enjoyed unemployment.
2I know it sounds absurd, but it makes sense in the spot. Really. Just trust me.
3And several kittens.

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