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[Open on a living room set. D70 sits on the couch watching television. After a few moments, Rob enters.]

Rob: Hey, you ready to go?
D70: [No response.]

[Rob moves about the room. He stands in front of the mirror for a moment to put on his tie. He picks up his car keys and quells a shoelace rebellion.]

Rob: Alright. I think I’ve got everything.
D70: [Silence.]
Rob: [Checks his pockets.] Well, let’s go.
D70: [Mutters something under his breath.]
Rob: [Leaning in.] What’s that?
D70: [Mutters again. Slightly louder.]
Rob: Come on, man. We’ve got to leave now. We’re gonna be late.
D70: [Mutters and then falls on his side.]
Rob: What? What’s wrong with you?
D70: [Clicking noises.]

[Rob steps around to the front of the couch. He nudges D70. Clicking. He pokes D70. More clicking. He shakes D70. Clicking. And then, suddenly, D70 bolts upright.]


[D70 slumps back down on the couch, his body completely rigid. Rob begins to sob. As the lights fade, his shoulders began to shake. He screams. Tiny, gnome-like vikings enter and set the couch ablaze. Curtain.]

4 Responses to “setback”

  1. # Anonymous Chickie

    Poor D70. May he rest in peace.  

  2. # Anonymous Bekah


  3. # Anonymous r.fuel

    I don't know what happened. He's giving me an "Err" message and won't do anything. He left for Nikon service today. We'll see what happens. Hopefully he won't be resting in peace.  

  4. # Anonymous aimee


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