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To: all employees
From: management
Re: conflict of interest

As many of you know, our company is responsible for all aspects of the design and manufacture of telephone systems for large corporations and their customer service centers. Since American companies began outsourcing their call centers to strategic partners in India, our profits have risen steadily and we are experiencing unprecedented and promising growth.

While we do not and would not impose any set of beliefs or standards on any of our employees, we now find it necessary to ask you to avoid any conflict of interest that might arise from your activities away from the workplace. Please remember that your activities in public are exactly that: public. And our clients might be hesitant to remain in business with a company whose employees are in direct opposition to the success of their business. So please don't go down to the Dell headquarters on your lunch break to join in the protests of the angry outsourced customer service representatives. No company policy exists regarding the issue, but if necessary, we will create one.

Thank you.

the management

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