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[Open on a cubicle. MARCO sits behind a desk, working at his computer. After a moment, ROBERT enters. He is holding a stack of papers and a red Sharpie.]

Robert: Hey man, when you send these layouts to be proofed, make sure you include all the backup.
Marco: [Blinks. Stares blankly at ROBERT.]
[A pause.]
Robert: You know, so we can check it.
Marco: [Blinks. Stares blankly at ROBERT.]
[A pause.]
Robert: For errors.
Marco: [Blinks. Stares blankly at ROBERT.]
[A pause.]
Robert: ‘Cause we have to make sure that all the phone numbers and addresses are correct.
Marco: [Blinks. Stares blankly at ROBERT.]
[A pause. JOHN enters.]
John: Hey, Rob. You and the new guy gettin’ to know each other? [Pats MARCO on the shoulder.]
Robert: Well, kinda. We were talking about the proofing process. Sort of.
John: Yeah, that could be a challenge.
Robert: Meaning…?
John: Marco wasn't doing much of the talking, was he?
Robert: None, actually.
John: Yup. You know he doesn’t speak a word of English?
Robert: Excuse me?
John: Yeah. Foreigner. You know how they talk about all those immigrants coming in and taking all our jobs? That’s this guy! [JOHN chuckles.]
[A pause.]
Robert: But… How…
John: Yeah, I know what you’re thinkin’. Communication and all that. But it’s all about the art, you know? Look at that. [Points to MARCO’s computer screen.] That is some good stuff. Damn good.

[A pause. ROBERT pulls his arm back as if to punch JOHN in the face. He reconsiders for a moment. And then throws himself into the wall. He falls to the ground, unconscious. JOHN and MARCO look on. After a moment, JOHN laughs and pats MARCO on the back. He points at ROBERT, draws circles in the air next to his temple, and laughs some more. Curtain.]

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  1. # Anonymous s. wells

    haha! i like that.  

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