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thoughts I had today

1. (driving in to work) Today’s gonna be a good day.
2. (listening to voicemails waiting for me at the office) Craphole. No, it’s not.
3. (thinking on the jobs I’ve just been assigned) I bet I’ve watched enough CSI to get away with murder.
4. (deleting comment spam) I wonder if I should move the blog to WordPress.
5. (trying to do stuff with WordPress) Maybe not.
6. (deleting more comment spam) Maybe.
7. (trying to do stuff with WordPress) Not.
8. (getting back to work) I bet I’ve watched enough CSI to get away with murder. I hear hit men make real good money.
9. (thinking about what work would be like if I quit my job and went into photography full-time) I wish my photos were good.
10. (walking to the kitchen) I really wish the new guy spoke English.
11. (in the kitchen) I wonder if I could fit this entire orange in my mouth.
12. (with an entire orange in my mouth) Yth!
13. (choking on an orange) I bet Aimee’s parents will take care of her and the baby.
14. (still choking on an orange) Craphole. I was really looking forward to California.
15. (done choking) Craphole. Back to work.

4 Responses to “disappointment”

  1. # Anonymous Chickie

    It sounds like the oranges are out to get you.  

  2. # Anonymous Bekah

    My psych teaher in high school told us a story about her daughter's friend who was over at their house who decided to prove to everyone she could stick a cue ball in her mouth. She did put it in her mouth, but was unable to get it out. They had to go to the ER to have it surgically removed.

    This doesn't really relate to your post directly, but big round things in mouths always remind me of that story.  

  3. # Anonymous r.fuel

    What a downer.  

  4. # Anonymous s. wells

    i love this! i think i should track my thoughts one day.
    you've inspired me.  

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