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Thoughts I Had Last Week

1. (Before the elections) Kinky might be too progressive a name for a Texas governor.
2. (After the elections) I guess Kinky appealed most to the people who didn't care enough to vote.
3. (While delivering positive reinforcement to Ethne for her voluntary potty training efforts) I can't believe I'm clapping for urine.
4. (After a moment of reflection) Actually, I can.
5. (While delivering more positive reinforcement to Ethne for her voluntary potty training efforts) Wow. And now I'm cheering for poop. Parenthood certainly is a slippery slope.
6. (Concepting) A football that looks like a lightbulb. I still got it.
7. (Driving to a lunch meeting the invitation to which I had previously declined) She should have just said that it was free. I mean, damn.
8. (Working on the sixteenth round of client revisions for a project which has lost all meaning) So this is what it feels like to have no soul.
9. (Watching Lost) Damnit, Kate. He's all wrong for you.
10. (Still watching Lost) Yes, Jack. You are the flippin' MAN.
11. (While enjoying the barbecued stylings of a local eatery on the client's tab) I would totally whore myself out for food like this once a week. Writingly speaking, of course.
12. (Working on a post)Human compost is the Cadillac of compost? Ha! What a riot.

5 Responses to “musetastic”

  1. # Anonymous swells!

    very a-muse-ing. this isn't even the half of it, i know...
    if i had your thoughts, i'd be entertained for life.  

  2. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Thanks. I think...  

  3. # Anonymous omg

    Always nice to see the inner-workings of a clever mind. Regarding Lost, I was more concerned with the degree to which personal hygiene must be overlooked when engaging in cage-love.

    Thanks for checking out my blog last week. I should really think about updating it sometime...  

  4. # Anonymous swells! again!

    is it wrong to suggest topics to you? is it against protocol?
    i want to hear what you think of o.j. simpson's book where he describes "how he would've" committed the murders.  

  5. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Requesting topics is awesome. It makes me feel as though people actually like me. I'll have something in the next couple of days.  

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