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Me: Hey, Brain. What's up?
Brain: Oh, nothing, really.
Me: No, not like that. What's up?
Brain: Excuse me?
Me: We've been sitting here for an hour and a half, and you're giving me nothing.
Brain: You were under the impression that I might?
Me: Yeah. That's how it works. We sit here. You do your thing. I do mine.
Brain: My thing?
Me: You know. That thinking thing.
Brain: So what's your thing?
Me: Me? The physical stuff. Typing. Breathing. Defecating.
Brain: Must be rough.
Me: It's not exactly a four star hotel on the sun.
Brain: Huh?
Me: Gimme a break. Clever is your job.
Brain: Says you.
Me: Well, yeah.
Brain: Look, I'm not your little monkey. I'm not gonna stand on the street corner playing a tiny accordion, just waiting for you to tell me to dance. That's not who I am. That's not what I do.
Me: Heh. A dancing brain. That's good stuff.
Brain: Shut up.
Me: You play the accordion?
Brain: [sigh]

5 Responses to “communication is key”

  1. # Anonymous james

    yeah, what's up with the brain mutiny of late? I can't seem to do anything that involves that thing.  

  2. # Anonymous r.fuel

    They're banding together to destroy us. We should eat 'em.  

  3. # Anonymous bekah

    I'd rather not eat my own brain. What if we eat each other's?  

  4. # Anonymous swells!

    if we were to eat brains, mine would taste like old periodicals.  

  5. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Sounds good, bekah. We'll experience a wider variety of flavors that way. Apparently, swells!'s brains are aged to perfection.  

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