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a movie review by my grandmother

First, why did it have to be so dark? All the directors these days think that you have to make these movies with no light. It's preposterous. You can't see a damn thing. Half the time you don't even know who's who, much less what they're doing.

And why does everyone whisper? You can't hear what they're saying.

Matt Damon is such a handsome young man. He has a nice haircut, but those glasses were terrible. Someone should have given him some contacts instead so we could see his face.

And it's no wonder his son couldn't keep a secret. Matt Damon couldn't keep his pants on for five minutes. That's no kind of example for a young man.

Also, I found the timeline convoluted and the use of flashbacks remarkably trite.

3 Responses to “the good shepherd”

  1. # Blogger omg

    Hee hee. (I've been wanting to see that movie...)  

  2. # Anonymous Icanhearitnowanonymous

    yup, that's it  

  3. # Anonymous stephanie

    Matt Damnn is, indeed, a handsome young man. And I wasn't going to see this movie until I found out he's not keeping his pants on.  

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