Dear Buckeyes,

It's my fault, really. And I'm very sorry. I forgot to tell Troy this morning that he was playing for the National Championship.

I know that he won the Heisman and all, but every once in a while he just needs a little reminder before the really important games.

Sorry, boys. Maybe next year.

Momma Smith


Dear Team,

While I admire Momma Smith's candor and the bravery it requires to take the blame for such a disappointing loss, I can't let her apology stand. It's not her fault. It's mine. For hiring an offensive coordinator who forgot to bring his playbook to the game. Jerk.

Coach Tressel

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  1. # Anonymous bekah

    I don't follow college football...

    Hell, I don't even LIKE college football...

    but I know that taking 51 days off before playing in The Big Game is not a good thing. No other sport, or league of the same sport, would do that - which is yet ANOTHER example of why college football sucks ass.  

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