For Halloween. A macabre post filled with horror, death and disfigurement.

The Runt

It begins with a puppy. The runt of the litter and golden in hue, this tiny pup was inordinately shy from birth. She moved only to pad her way to the shelter found between the feet of her owner. She ate very little, slept quite a bit and made no noise. For the sake of irony, she was deemed Lady Mayhem.

The moniker made in jest became prophecy. One morning she awoke determined to shed the bashful bonds that plagued her. Out of doors, she became a reckless whirlwind, sprinting to and fro, her tiny tail wagging in newfound mirth. Home furnishings became her supper of choice. She destroyed a couch, a chair, a desk and several rugs. When chewing through solid wood became boring, Lady turned her sights onto her competition.

Cuddly creatures of the stuffed variety decorated the home in which she lived. Long forgotten by their keepers [who had grown far too old and mature for such childish things], the plush animals lay defenseless and alone. And one by one, they were destroyed.

Lady Mayhem hunted them down. Pulled from bookshelves and rooted out from under beds, they met their destiny in her ruthless jaws. The occupants of the house, Lady’s masters, would find the victims facedown on the floor. Turning them over in their hands, their eyes would meet with the grim terror that the once-timid puppy had barbarously inflicted.

She began with the eyes, plucking them from the sockets. She savored them, sometimes leaving the animal blind for days on end before returning to end their misery. Slowly, meticulously, she would rip and tear at their faces until nothing but a gaping hole remained. For dessert, she consumed the cerebral stuffing within their cranial cavities, leaving the bodies whole and unblemished.

One by one, they were discovered. Nothing could be done to stop the runt’s reign of terror. No amount of punishment or retribution could quell her bloodlust. She roamed the rooms and hallways of the house, eliminating her prey. Even the largest stuffed dog, in whom the shy pup had found the comfort and protection only a surrogate mother can provide, met her untimely demise at the paws of the twisted canine mind.

Pictures follow.

11 Responses to “fright”

  1. # Anonymous terrifiednonymous


  2. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Scary pics!  

  3. # Anonymous james

    Amazing post, I couldn't stop laughing, and the worst part was I was in calculus.  

  4. # Blogger r.fuel

    Educational disruption. Sweet.  

  5. # Anonymous stickinthemudanonymous

    Jim, you shouldn't be looking at blogs during calculus  

  6. # Anonymous james

    Sorry Dad, it was just a review and we hadn't started yet. I promise.  

  7. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    You forgot to mention the fact that she humped that carcass. Repeatedly.  

  8. # Blogger r.fuel

    I was trying to stay within the bounds of good taste.

    Well done.  

  9. # Anonymous aimee

    i've never heard the story told quite like that's usually just creepy, now it's creepy and funny  

  10. # Anonymous fromeeektoyucknonymous

    Outside the bounds of good taste, did you tell them what happened on the other end after attempting to digest stuffed animal parts and stuffing?  

  11. # Blogger r.fuel

    Of course not.  

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