I was taking a look at some of the archives yesterday and realized that my posts of late have been a little wordy. A little wordy like the ocean is a little moist. It’s out of hand.

Perhaps it’s because I’m asked on a daily basis to cram twenty-seven pages of information and selling points into thirty seconds. Or fifty words. Or sometimes, five bullet points. Whatever the case may be I apologize for my insensitive behavior and promise to try to be a little more concise. It’ll be hard, but I know that your time is valuable and you don’t want to spend ten minutes reading these posts and then another hour and a half trying to make some sense of the jumbled writing and poor grammar.

See what I mean? 132 words to say one thing: I need to edit these posts better so they aren’t so long and boring.


I’m trying. I promise.

7 Responses to “brevity”

  1. # Blogger Eric

    No no no. You've got it all wrong. A post of yours being to long is sort of like your bank account having to much money. It's a good thing.  

  2. # Blogger Savanna Kate

    I the utmost...I enjoy them =)  

  3. # Anonymous mytimeissovaluableanonymous

    suck ups  

  4. # Anonymous anne arkham

    The title of the blog is "Words". That's what we expect.  

  5. # Anonymous Jacques

    Can you rename your blog, "Pictures"?  

  6. # Anonymous Jacques

    No, but seriously, you should remove the subtitle. I don't know when you put that up, but they're really close to good.  

  7. # Blogger mlejane

    they may be loads of words, but they are your words... own them and keep it real.

    Thanks for the blog-visit. But beware, I tend to be on the wordy side myself. *grin*  

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