This weekend, Joe surprised me with a bag of Mega M&M’s. Joe says that he saw them on the shelf and remembered how excited I was when I read about the new, bigger version of the classic chocolate candy. Knowing my preference for the peanut variety of the tasty treat, Joe bought me a big ol’ bag of peanut Mega M&M’s. And then he told me that I owed him three and half bucks. Plus a two dollar service fee.

It was worth every penny. The Mega M&M’s are the best thing that ever happened to me [within the realm of peanuts-covered-in-chocolate-covered-in-hard-candy-shells]. You may think that a Mega M&M is just a regular M&M, but bigger. And you would be right. However, it’s that very bigger-ness that makes them so delicious. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted from chocolates and peanuts and candy shells. Specifically, it’s more of all those things. Which is what everyone wants more of. More. Everyone wants more more. Because what’s better than more? Even more. And what’s worse than more? Less. What’s worse than less? None. Unless we’re talking about communicable diseases. Then none is best. But we’re talking about peanuts and chocolate, so more is good. And so are the new Mega M&M’s.

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  1. # Blogger luke

    That review was delicious.  

  2. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Did you tip him? On top of the two dollar service fee, I mean?  

  3. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    He didn't tip me. But he did let me drive his car. That was more than enough compensation.

    Seriously, mega M&M's rule. And Robert's car is wicked awesome/fun/dope/amazing.  

  4. # Blogger Jake


  5. # Anonymous james

    What I want to know is why Joe never suprises me with stuff like a bag of mega m&ms or an xbox. Whats up with that?  

  6. # Blogger r.fuel

    It's because you're really tall, Jim. Isn't that enough?  

  7. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    And, James, you're living in Austin. First of all, it's difficult for me to surprise you when you're that far away. Secondly, I'm jealous that I'm not in Austin and it's difficult for me to see past that...  

  8. # Anonymous beggingformorenonymous

    I have none. I want more.  

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