more hate

Last week, I thought my radio script for a national client had been chosen for production. I was happy.

On Wednesday, I found out that my script had been killed by the client’s legal department. I was sad.

Today, I found out that the client had decided not to go with the other writers’ scripts either. They had one of their own that they want us to work with. It goes something like this:

Guy 1: We are at the movies.
Guy 2: Yes, we like to watch movies.
Guy 1: I do not like standing in line for movies.
Guy 2: Yes, and going to the cinema to see a movie can be quite expensive.
Guy 1: We should go to The Store!
Guy 2: Yes, I agree! We should go to The Store, where we can rent a movie for a much lower price than viewing one here at the theater. And membership to The Store is free of charge and quite simple to procure.
Guy 1: In addition, The Store is so economically sound that we could afford several movies and refreshments as well.
Guy 2: Stupendous! Let us traverse to The Store posthaste!
Guy 1: Three cheers for The Store!
Guy 2: While we are at The Store, we must be sure to check for scintillating new titles, like The Honeymooners and Batman Begins.
Guy 1: Hip, hip, hooray!

I don’t know about you, but nothing sells me on a product like genuine slice-of-life dialogue and situational realism. We should let all our clients write their own spots.

4 Responses to “more hate”

  1. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    To quote our grandfather, tell them to "shove it up their ass."  

  2. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Ok, your script objectified women, but theirs is degrading to stupid people.  

  3. # Anonymous soldonthestoreanonymous

    Wow! I'm on MY way to The Store!  

  4. # Blogger anaglyph

    Did they actually say 'posthaste'?

    Therein lies too much prestidigitation, methinks.  

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