On Tuesday, I received my press kit for the X Prize Cup.

The $10M Ansari X Prize was awarded to Burt Rutan and Paul Allen’s Mojave Aerospace for being the first privately owned organization to send a civilian into space. Mojave Aerospace sent SpaceShipOne to the edge of space and back three times, while many of the competitors were still developing their designs.

The X Prize Cup picks up where the X Prize left off. The competitors, still determined to send their designs and astronauts into the galactic frontier, are continuing their efforts. On Sunday, October 9th, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the civilian race to space continues. One team will be performing a manned test flight, while two others will attempt a series of unmanned test burns of their rockets. There will be skydiving, souvenirs, a test drop of the daVinci space capsule, food and drinks, educational booths and flight simulators. Buzz Aldrin will read from his children’s book.

It’s gonna be dope.

If there’s no post here by the end of the day on Monday, it means that I got too close to a rocket and my charred remains are lying in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

It could happen.

Look for an X Prize Cup post and flickr set sometime next week.

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  1. # Blogger luke

    Nice! I also got registered on the press list. I'm going to get some sweet video. I'll see you there.  

  2. # Blogger Eric

    Lucky!! I am very jealous. You'd better get some good shots, and be prepared to give me a detailed account of everything. Also, who's doing the jumping? Skydive El Paso or a real demo team? :P  

  3. # Blogger anaglyph

    I got too close to a rocket and my charred remains are lying in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

    There are worse ways to go! Have a lot of fun.  

  4. # Anonymous anne arkham

    I feel totally objectified by this post.  

  5. # Blogger r.fuel

    What can I say, Anne? I just can't turn it off...  

  6. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Kinda racist, too.  

  7. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Um, something tells me that if I'm going as your assistant, I'll be in charge of making sure you don't get yourself killed. Am I write?  

  8. # Blogger luke

    I don't know if you're write. You're probably right, though.  

  9. # Blogger r.fuel


  10. # Blogger Joe Fuel


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