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I’m in Santa Fe. My cousin is getting married tomorrow, and Aimee is at the bridesmaids’ luncheon. We’ll go to the rehearsal dinner tonight.

Since I had to take the day off from work today, there was a lot of stuff that needed to get finished yesterday. I was at the office until almost seven. And then I was back at the office at eight because I forgot to send the email containing the scripts I had worked so frantically on until almost seven.

Before I left work the first time, I decided to set up an auto-reply for my work email. So that when my coworkers emailed me for something, they would get a reply saying that I was out of town, but could be reached on my cell phone. After I had set up the filter, it asked me if I wanted to apply the rule to the open mailbox. I thought, “Of course. The open mailbox is my email. I want people who email me to get this auto-reply.” So I said yes. And thus auto-replied to all 297 messages in my mailbox. Perfect. Exactly what I had been hoping for. Everyone who had ever sent me an email received a reply saying that I’d be out of the office, but I would have a phone. My boss received 89 of those emails.

3 Responses to “time off”

  1. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Too funny!  

  2. # Blogger Erik

    You should use a Mac :D  

  3. # Anonymous pokemon

    aww lame! Those are some of the worst feelings.  

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