Two men arrested for dumping alligator into lake

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two men have been arrested for releasing a man-sized alligator into a Los Angeles lake, where the big reptile has eluded increasingly frustrated authorities for two weeks, police said on Wednesday.

Anthony Brewer, 36, was taken into custody on Tuesday night at his home in the Los Angeles suburb of San Pedro, where police said they found remnants of a make-shift alligator habitat, two snapping turtles and drugs.
Evidence seized there led officers to the nearby home of Todd Natow, 42, who was also arrested. A Los Angeles police spokesman said officers discovered three alligators, four piranhas, three desert tortoises, six tortoise eggs, one rattlesnake, a scorpion and marijuana.

No way. Drugs were involved? I can’t believe it.

The reptile was reported to authorities about two weeks ago and since then has dodged repeated attempts to capture it by park rangers and professional gator wranglers brought in from out of state.

I think that the big concern is not how best to punish these two men, but finding out how they bred an incredibly intelligent alligator super beast capable of outsmarting even professional “gator wranglers”, who have chosen to spend their lives chasing down and angering one of the few animals on the planet capable of eating human beings.


Also, this is pretty cool:

It’s a display created by 128 nozzles of water. For slightly more information, visit endgadget.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    They should send in that TV gator guy who wrestles gators while holding his infant child in his arms . . . or fill the lake with drugs and see if that slows the big boy down a bit  

  2. # Anonymous anne arkham

    It depends on the kind of drugs. A coked-up gator would not be an improvement.  

  3. # Blogger r.fuel

    I agree with Anne. And remember, he's a super gator, so depressants might have some weird effect on him, rendering his gator-ness unstoppable.  

  4. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    that water screen looks like it's going to be our next project at Apt. 812  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Then Kryptonite is the only real option they have left  

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