Jim left for UT this morning. He'll move into his dorm tomorrow evening. Be safe, Jim. We'll miss you. Real bad. Like Bob Saget misses Family Matters and "the glory days".

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  1. # Anonymous aimee

    i don't see any horns  

  2. # Blogger r.fuel

    He hasn't even moved in yet. You've got to give these things time to develop.  

  3. # Anonymous james

    Thanks Rob, I love you guys, I'll miss you.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Jim, how did you get into the blog? you aren't in town anymore.  

  5. # Blogger r.fuel

    Inplausible as it may sound, the "internet" can be accessed from all over the nation, and even other parts of the globe.

    In other words, the hotel they stayed in last night probably offered free internet access.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "Wow!" said Forrest Gump. "What will they think of next?"  

  7. # Blogger r.fuel

    I don't think Forrest actually said that. Why would you put words in the mouth of a man who's not even here (or if he was, able) to defend himself.

    It's just mean.  

  8. # Blogger r.fuel

    And I wasn't trying to be mean about the "internet all over the world" thing... I just thought it was funny that you wondered how he could access the internet as he wasn't "in town" as opposed to "on the road and most likely away from all computers of any kind."  

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