New business cards are being printed for everyone at the office, and instead of the usual business-related titles (i.e. copywriter, account executive, account manager, etc.), we have been asked to provide something fun and original that speaks about our personality. I have a few ideas, but I'm thinking that the true revelation of my personality will come from others. Please submit your thoughts or vote for submitted titles via the comment field. In the meantime, some of my ideas:

Robert Fuel:

Can type.
Writes stuff.
Cubicle Management.
Money Launderer.
Slumber Management.
Pirate Representation.
Syntax Management.

Edit to add:
The writer of any slogan chosen for use will win... something... lunch. Or some iTunes. We'll work something out. But now it's a contest. Get your friends in on it.

New thoughts:
VP of Mediocrity
Slowest Guns in the West
Muffin Slayer
Syntax Engineer
Voted Most Likely to Wear Pants
Chess Club Vice President
Senior Wordologist

14 Responses to “so clever”

  1. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Muscle Enthusthiast.
    Zombie Slayer.
    Gun for Hire.  

  2. # Blogger r.fuel

    Gun for hire.

    So cool.  

  3. # Anonymous Jacques

    Dynamic Mobility Designer
    Direct Usability Coordinator
    Investor Configuration Technician
    Future Infrastructure Producer
    Customer Paradigm Consultant
    Regional Creative Analyst
    Legacy Web Specialist
    Principal Intranet Manager
    Forward Group Administrator

  4. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Photographer Extraordinaire.
    Resident Strongman.
    [Insert Witty Title Here]
    "Yes" Man. (Not that I'm saying you are a yes man. I'd just like to see that on a card)  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Voted Most In Need of Wearing Pants
    Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
    The Lacrimost Lacrimologist
    Leisure Tactician
    Oral Cryptologist
    Putting Words in Your Mouth
    Asset Liberation Specialist  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous


  7. # Blogger r.fuel

    Voted Most in Need of Wearing Pants?
    The Lacrimost Lacrimologist?

    Just what are you trying to say?  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Master of the Universe
    Eats Chocolate in Secret

    Conquering the Universe, One M&M At a Time

    Anger Inducement Specialist  

  9. # Anonymous Jacques

    Prince of Sleeves
    King of Shorts
    Master of the Mailroom
    Master of the Maleroom
    Emperor of Clientele
    Lord of the Files
    Sultan of Squat
    Duke of Delivery
    Don of Design  

  10. # Anonymous This is where I write my name

    Interim New Guy  

  11. # Anonymous Milan

    Poop Smyth
    Office Lackey
    Typier Extraordinaire
    Mr. Fantastic
    Derriere Extraordinaire
    Mr. Extraordinaire
    Mr. Cool Tapes
    Director of Women Interviews
    Too Fresh
    Web Slinger
    Web Slinger Extraordinaire
    2 lagit 2 quit  

  12. # Anonymous aimee

    my two favorite, even though it's probably too late:
    [insert witty title here]
    Derriere Extraordinaire  

  13. # Anonymous Jacques


  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I vote for " Putting words in your mouth" and second place would be "Syntax Managment"  

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