And you know the guards enjoyed it.

San Quentin has largest riot since 1982

SAN QUENTIN, Calif. - Forty-two inmates were injured Monday when a simmering dispute between two ethnic groups erupted into the largest riot at San Quentin State Prison in 23 years.

Prison officials said as many as 80 inmates in several different buildings were involved in the tumult, which lasted six minutes. It took about 50 officers armed with batons and pepper spray to quell the fight, said Sgt. Eric Messick, a warden's administrative assistant.

80 Inmates. 50 Officers. That’s almost 2 inmates for every 1 officer/baton team. That’s a lot of beatdown.

Parts of the same unit of medium-security prisoners have been on lockdown since Aug. 2, when several small fistfights broke out between the same groups involved in Monday's riot, Messick said.

"This is an escalation of hostilities between the two groups," he said.

Not to be confused with an escalator, which moves people up and down between floors, usually at shopping malls. [Not the quote of the day]

Todd Slosek, a spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, said he was pleased prison staff could quell the conflict without using significant force.

Two words: fifty batons.

"We did spray a lot of pepper spray," he said.

“Like, a lot. I used seven cans by myself. Those punks were crying like little girls who didn’t get invited to the tea party. Ha ha… Good times.”

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