Why Russia lost the Cold War:

Russian submarine immobilized by fishing net

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia - A Russian mini-submarine carrying seven sailors snagged on a fishing net and was stuck 625 feet down on the Pacific floor Friday with only enough air for crewmen to survive one day, and the United States was rushing an unmanned vehicle there to help in rescue efforts.

They didn’t just lose the Cold War. They lost it bad. We’re sending a remote control sub to rescue theirs, which requires a crew of seven, which is practically an entire baseball team.

Two surface ships were sweeping the area with nets in the hope of wresting the trapped vessel from the sea floor, adding that the rescue effort would continue into the night, Dygalo said.

From the government that brought you a dog in space, nets to rescue people trapped by more nets!


Why France normally just surrenders in the face of adversity:

Air France jet crashed because French perform poorly under pressure

TORONTO - The Air France jet that crashed earlier this week appeared to have landed too far down the runway, which may have contributed to it skidding into a ravine before bursting into flames, investigators said Friday.

And in other news, new scientific research concludes that car crashes in highway medians may be caused by the fact that the car has left the roadway for which it was designed. However, conclusive evidence may be years away.

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  1. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Talk about your ultimate backfires...  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    So I am laughing so much I'm on the edge of tears  

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