So when I receive comments on a post I've made, I really enjoy them. Like, a lot. Probably way too much, actually. And unless the comment is a question about the post or blatant hate speech, I generally assume that the writer has left a comment because they like what they just read. So, if you like what you're reading, leave a comment. And know that when I read it, there's gonna be a little party in my head. With streamers, confetti, and even some dancing. And maybe some of those tiny sandwiches that make you feel like a giant when you're holding them.

5 Responses to “party in my head”

  1. # Anonymous aimee

    what about balloons?

    it's not a party without balloons

    and cake  

  2. # Anonymous james


  3. # Anonymous Jacques

    Things that make guys feel huge:
    1. Tiny sandwiches
    2. Tiny soap
    3. Tiny people

    Things that make Robert feel huge:
    1. His muscles  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    party on, dude!  

  5. # Anonymous Anne Arkham

    I agree, comments are a huge stroke to the ego. I always felt weird about leaving them until I got a blog of my own.

    And on the subject of tiny sandwiches: there's a tea room within walking distance of my house. I eat lunch there all the time. They have big sandwiches on the menu, but I always order a plate of assorted little ones. They're just more fun.  

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